Anti-Xeno Initiative

Rank Requirements

To promote skill and hard work, we have established our own rank system. Some ranks have certain privileges tied to them, but most are to showcase one's achievements in AX combat. To apply for a certain rank, you need to present a proof of your achievement in tea-and-medals and state which rank you are applying for.
Send your Screenshot or video to the #tea-and-medals channel in the AXI Discord to apply for a rank!

Do not ping anyone to review your submission, it will be processed when possible. If your submission is not processed within 48 hours, you are allowed to contact a staff member about it.

The proof has to be a screenshot, or a video, and has to clearly show the interceptor death explosion, the "bond received" message and other parts of ship UI such as the Ship Health and Radar.

General Restrictions

  • Use of any bugs, exploits, cheats or other methods of killing the interceptor in an unintended way is forbidden, and such submissions will be rejected.
  • Killing an interceptor that has any hearts remaining (gibbing) will void any rank submission. Interceptos must have all their hearts destroyed before the killing blow.
  • All Progession and Challenge ranks require that you recieve no help from NPCs or players not in your wing, and as such cannot be achieved at AX Conflict Zones. The presence of additional contacts on radar can invalidate a submission. Please ensure you are alone in the instance for solo ranks, or have no players not in your wing in the instance for wing ranks. Use of a Ship Launched Fighter piloted by NPC however is permitted.
  • When applying for solo ranks, you must not be in a multicrew session or a wing (regadless of your wingmate's location!).
  • When applying for wing ranks, your screenshot should show participants inside the instance when the interceptor dies.
  • Multi-Crew is allowed for wing ranks.
  • Planetside AXCZ interceptors do not deploy swarms, rendering these locations ineligilbe for any ranks.
  • Horizons 3.8 (Legacy) players should be aware that Thargoid special attacks do not function correctly. Caustic missiles and EMP will not trigger after a heart is destroyed, regadless of player heat or detection range. Care should be taken to act as if they function as intended, as any submissions that take advantage of this will be denied.
  • In the event of a pilot getting the kill but dying in the process, a kill is valid for a rank only if the Interceptor explodes before your ship does. This does not apply to timed runs.

Prohibited weapons

Weapons listed below are not valid for any rank submissions, this is due to balance issues or the weapons being no longer available to obtain. Individual ranks may have additional restrictions on weapons that can be used so please check carefully to avoid disappointment.

  • Advanced Missile Racks
  • Salvation CG reward Long range Shard Cannons. Note that these are different from the Salvation Modified Shard Cannons available for purchase in Mbooni
  • Any modules that are not available to the general playerbase. e.g Community Goal rewards that are not available to purchase
  • Horizons 3.8 (Legacy) only: Salvation Modified Gauss cannons ('Hammergauss' with Standard and Premium Ammo is bugged in Horizons 3.8, so proof of basic ammo is required for ranks to count.

Speedrun Timing

Speed runs are timed using the in-game clock. Timer starts at the first frame of damage occurring and ends when the bond popup occurs. As such, the in-game clock must be visible when the first shot is fired, as well as when the bond pops up.

Progression Ranks

Progression ranks are your introduction to AX combat, we recommend you work through these ranks before trying any of the challenge ranks. These cannot be completed in AXCZs.


Progression Rank

Every journey has a beginning. The basic rank for those who were able to read the rules. For security purposes, members of this rank have some posting limitations and cannot join the in-game squadron.

Quadrivial Vestige

Progression Rank

Teamwork makes the dream work.

  • Kill any Interceptor variant in wing of 3 or 4 people.

Cyclopean Duo

Progression Rank

Low start, high goals.

  • Kill a Cyclops variant Interceptor in wing of exactly 2 people.

Apollo's Wrath

Progression Rank

The first step towards mastery of AX combat. This rank has some small benefits to it, like being able to embed links and attach files. Events and operations may require this rank to be allowed to participate. Members of this rank can apply for the in-game squadron (details in the #about channel).

  • Kill a Cyclops variant Interceptor solo (alone).

Twain Talons

Progression Rank

First proper challenge for a wing.

  • Kill a Basilisk variant Interceptor in wing of exactly 2 people.

Sole Survivor

Progression Rank

A major step-up in difficulty.

  • Kill a Basilisk variant Interceptor solo (alone).

Ossified Dyad

Progression Rank

Less is also not always more.

  • Kill a Medusa variant Interceptor in wing of exactly 2 people.

Serpent's Nemesis

Progression Rank

Penultimate step towards the mastery of solo AX combat.

  • Kill a Medusa variant Interceptor solo (alone).

Herculean Warrior

Progression Rank

Getting closer to the top.

  • Kill a Hydra variant Interceptor in wing of exactly 2 people.

Herculean Conqueror

Progression Rank

Not for the faint of heart. This rank requires a continuous video recording of at least 2 last hearts as proof, though the full recording is preferable.

  • Kill a Hydra variant Interceptor solo (alone).

Challenge Ranks

There are also some ranks that are beyond others in difficulty, so much so that we don't expect many to achieve them. That is why they are separated into their own category. All of them require full video recording of the fight as proof. Ranks must be completed solo*. These ranks cannot be completed in AXCZs
(*Setting up a multigoid-instance using Megaships or Incursion Missions with the help of another CMDR is allowed, provided that the video includes proof of them jumping out of the instance. 'The Swarm' is also exempt from this rule)

Decent Pilot

Complete all solo progression ranks and all challenge ranks

An exceptionally challenging achievement where you must demonstrate mastership over all aspects of AX combat.

Achieve all of the following ranks!

  • The Swarm: Prove you can work with others
  • Hephaestus Shunned: Prove engineering is optional
  • Astraea's Clarity: Prove you can make your shots count
  • Snake Eater: Prove that you dont need modern technology
  • Cerberus Bane: Prove that you can handle multigoids
  • Myrmidon: Prove that you can handle time pressure
  • Soaring Sleipnir: Prove you can handle without the HUD
  • 100% Club: Prove you can avoid damage, while still dealing decent damage
  • Vanguard: Prove you can handle a tougher-than-progression fight
  • Herculean Conqueror: Defeat a Hydra variant interceptor solo
  • Serpent's Nemesis: Defeat a Medusa variant interceptor solo
  • Solo Survivor: Defeat a Basilisk variant interceptor solo
  • Apollo's Wrath: Defeat a Cyclops variant interceptor solo

The Swarm

Wing Challenge
  • Kill a Medusa in a wing of up to 4 haulers, or in a wing of exactly 2 sidewinders, or in a mixed wing of exactly 1 sidewinder and up to 2 haulers, using only basic ammo
  • Video evidence (which must also show use of basic ammo) is required from all participants for rank eligibility.

Notes: Leaving the instance to repair/rearm is NOT allowed. To be eligible for the rank, you must survive the fight, and remain in the instance, start to finish; should one or more CMDRs die, the remaining CMDRs are still eligible to finish the fight and claim the rank (if they manage.)

Hephaestus Shunned

No Engineering Challenge

Let your skill, not your ship, carry you

  • Destroy a Medusa interceptor (or higher) while solo, using a ship with no engineering whatsoever.
  • Requires having the rank @collector
  • Video evidence must include right-panel scroll to show no engineering on ship modules.

Note: Pre-engineered modules do NOT count as unengineered (and thus are not allowed); the latter includes the modified guardian weapons, which explicitly are not allowed. Unmodified guardian weapons and guardian modules (incl. PD, PP, GHRP, GMRP, GSRP) are allowed. Premium ammo is allowed (though not required to do the fight.).

Cerberus' Bane

Multi-Goid Challenge

Outnumbered, but never outgunned.

Destroy any combination of Interceptors worth at least 6 points solo (alone), in one fight, where:

  • Cyclops is worth 1 point
  • Basilisk is worth 2 points
  • Medusa and Hydra are worth 4 points

Getting help from a second pilot to create the Multigoid instance is allowed for this challenge as long as that pilot leaves the instance before the Thargoids are engaged!

Astraea's Clarity

Accuracy Challenge

One Shot, One Kill.

  • Kill a Medusa variant Interceptor solo (alone), spending only 175 (or less) Gauss Rounds in the process, using 3 Medium Gauss Cannons (or fewer).
  • Basic ammo only
  • The only allowed source of hull damage for the Interceptor are your Gauss Cannons. (No ramming, no SLFs, no using human weapons to chip at the hull...)
  • Video Evidence must include sufficient proof of ammo expended.

Snake Eater

The Old Way Challenge

No mod-cons!

  • Kill a Basilisk (or harder) variant Interceptor solo (alone), without using any Guardian or modern Anti-Xeno technology.

Snake Eater is intended to simulate the state of AX combat in its early days before the discovery of the Guardians and the development of Advanced/Enhanced AX weaponry. Its restrictions are very strict as the intention is to limit the CMDR to modules that were available at the time. With the advent of the Thargoid War, new modules relevant to AX are being released often. The below list may not be exhaustive. If in doubt, please ask a Mentor or Staff.

  • No Guardian weapons, no Guardian internal modules
  • No SLFs
  • No Advanced Multi-cannons/Missiles, Enhanced Multi-cannons/Missiles. You choice of weapons for dealing AX damage is effectively limited to normal AX Multicannons and AX Missiles. Other weapons can be taken as normal e.g Beam Lasers, Flak Cannons.
  • No Experimental Weapon Stabilisers
  • No Enhanced Xeno Scanner
  • No Sirius Pre-Engineered heatsinks
  • No standard/premium synthesis
  • The proof must clearly showcase all of the ship's modules.

Soaring Sleipnir

No HUD Challenge

lose HUD, gain skill.

  • Kill a Medusa (or harder) variant Interceptor solo (alone), with your ship's HUD turned off, or using external camera, throughout the whole fight.

HUD must be turned off or external camera enabled before the first shot is fired, and it must remain that way until after the Interceptor has exploded. Bond popup and Ship Radar are not required for this rank.

100% Club

Perfect Avoidance Challenge

Float like a butterfly, sting like a Gauss Cannon.

  • Kill a Basilisk (or harder) variant Interceptor solo (alone), without taking any damage (your ship's UI has to show 100% integrity).
  • Use of Repair and Decontamination Limpets is forbidden.


Speed Challenge

Fast and furious.

Awarded to pilots who can achieve a solo Medusa kill in under one of the following time requirements:

  • 24’00’’000’’’ - Small Ship
  • 12’00’’000’’’ - Medium Ship
  • 6’00’’000’’’ - Large Ship

Applications to be submitted using the /speedrun command in any channel. Strictly no gibbing.


Versatility Challenge

For those who push the boundaries of the possible.

This will require you to choose a ship and kill enough Thargoids in a single fight to earn a score equal to, or greater than, the requirement for that specific ship.

Competitive Ranks

Competitive ranks are advanced challenges where you will compete against other CMDRs to achieve the best score/time in various types of kills.
Competitive ranks are typically given to the Top 10 or top positions on leaderboards, you can lose these ranks if someone overtakes your position.

Caduceus' Glint

A Competition of Speed

Achieving peak performance.

  • Awarded to the top pilot of each speedrunning leaderboard category (Small, Medium, Large / Basilisk, Medusa, Hydra).
  • Applications to be submitted using the /speedrun command in any channel.
  • Strictly no gibbing.

Check out the Leaderboards.


A Competition of Efficiency

For those who go beyond. This rank is a true test of a pilot's abilities, based on a composite ammo usage, total damage taken, and time taken scale. Use a Chieftain and any combination of Gauss cannons to defeat a Medusa.

  • Score your fight using the /ace bot command. The top 10 CMDRs will hold the @Ace rank. This is a competitive system and you can lose this rank should someone push you out of the Top 10.
  • Ensure the in-game timer is visible when the first shot is fired and also when the bond popup occurs.
  • Ensure video includes shots of the gauss count in the modules window.
  • Basic Ammo only

More details about how this rank works Here

Check out the Leaderboards.

AXCZ Ranks

AX Conflict Zones have a lot of specifics and random factors, which make it hard to judge their difficulty. But we want to reward those who participate in system defense. These cannot be completed at planetery AXCZs as interceptors do not spawn swarms. Annihilator and Exterminator must be completed at an AXCZ that does not contain a dockable station.
To obtain following ranks you need to provide multiple screenshots (or a full video recording with timestamps) as proof:
  • First screenshot has to show the start of the fight, just after the progress bar appears.
  • Second has to show the bonus vouchers being awarded after completing the scout wave (100k credits).
  • Third has to show the bonus vouchers being awarded after completing the "Eliminate Thargoid Threat" objective (5 mil credits).
  • Last screenshot (for Defender only) has to show the bonus vouchers being awarded after killing the Hydra at the end (10 mil credits).
  • Full video proof is required for Annihilator


Full AXCZ Solo

You gotta be kidding me.

  • Complete a full run of AX Conflict Zone solo (alone), including killing the Hydra at the end.
  • A full video recording is required to apply for this rank.



One man army.

  • Complete a full run of AX Conflict Zone, from beginning to end, excluding the hydra at the end, alone (solo). Leaving for refuel/repair/restock is NOT allowed.



Protecting the innocent.

  • Complete a full run of AX Conflict Zone, from beginning to end, including killing the hydra at the end, in a wing of up to 4 people. Leaving for refuel/repair/restock is allowed, as long as you are in the instance for all of the progression milestones.

Other Ranks

There are some ranks that are not necessarily tied to skill, but still require dedication. In this category we gathered ranks that do not belong elsewhere, but still carry some significance.


Other Ranks

Passing on the knowledge.

  • One of our most prestigious ranks - Mentor signifies mastery of AX combat as well as the willingness to help others who are still on their journey. There is a limited number of Mentorships available. Requires you to demonstrate your commitment, knowledge and ability to teach others. This is a voluntary role, you may request it from a staff member. Staff reserve the right to reject applications.


Other Ranks

Celebrating Contribution.

  • A token of appreciation awarded to former Mentors, recognition for the efforts they put in training our Recruits.


Other Ranks

Seen it all, done it all. Requires obtaining:

  • Apollo's Wrath
  • Sole Survivor
  • Serpent's Nemesis
  • And finally a Herculean Warrior (Duo Hydra) with an existing Collector or Staff Member.

Party Champion

Other Ranks

Champions above all. Awarded to those who excel in competitive events and races.

  • Awarded at the Overseers' discretion, typically for special events

Party Survivor

Other Ranks

Herding cats is hard, even for them.

  • This rank is awarded for participating in our AX events.

Old Guard

Other Ranks

Those of old will not be forgotten.

  • This is a legacy rank awarded to pilots who achieved various ranks before they were reworked into their current forms.

Lernaean Seeker

Other Ranks

Dropping meta-alloys? Seriously?

  • Was awarded to those who participated in The Second Labor operation (took place during the Gnosis Incident), in the Witch Head Offensive, and select Xeno-research events run by staff.
  • May come back if developers provide us with another suitable opportunity.

Callous Fringe

Other Ranks

Even in a galaxy full of dangerous xenos, man is still the most devious foe.

  • Requires you to kill an aggressive Xeno-Sympathizer that is disrupting our mission. Those who do not attack us are to be left alone. For proof you have to submit both proof of kill as well as the proof of targets aggressive actions against AXI members on duty. Individual arguments, ganks against random people and pre-arranged duels do not count. Be responsible.

Xeno Unraveler

Other Ranks

A journey into unknown.

  • Awarded to those who participate in our exploration events.


Other Ranks

In dedication to the legend.

Commander John Jameson can be considered the first AX hunter. He fought during the First Thargoid War and played an instrumental role in ending it, saving uncountable lives. Some may wish to undertake a pilgrimage of sorts, to the place of his demise and discover the story first-hand. For this rank we require you to bring an Guardian Relic, a Thargoid Link, and a Damaged Escape Pod to John Jameson's crash site and provide a screenshot of all of them laid out next to his ship.

BGS Loyalist

Other Ranks

Proven supporter of the Anti-Xeno Initiative's efforts to maintain a foothold in the frontlines of the Thargoid-Human war. Complete 100 missions for the Anti-Xeno Initiative or Xeno Research Group minor faction within 30 days. Requires verified Inara account. Before carrying out the missions, please contact Staff for guidance and check #standing-bgs-orders.

BGS Operator

Other Ranks

Requirements: Complete a Spec-Ops mission with another BGS Operator or Staff Member. Only available to Anti-Xeno Initiative In-Game Squadron members. Awarded by Overseer level approval only. Prerequisites: @BGS Loyalist


Other Ranks

Defending the Xeno?! Conspirators are known Thargoid allies, and have severely restricted access to our server. Given to pilots who engage AX pilots partaking in AX activities. (You cannot request this rank). Conspirators have a chance to redeem themselves by performing a new Thargoid kill of their current highest solo rank (or a Cyclops if they have no rank).


Other Ranks

Forging alliances. Ambassadors are representatives/leaders of other player groups who wish to engage in diplomacy with AXI.