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Proteus Wave Misfires

August 3308

Warning Incoming Transmission:

Codename: Broken Wings
Date: 10/08/3308 2:50 UTC
Location: Pleiades Sector BL-X c1-7

This is AXI Overseer; CMDR Darth_Vader... to all surviving vessels in HIP 22460; be advised all Guardian Tech is rendered inoperable due to the Proteus Wave malfunction therefore it is advised to wake out of the system and regroup on the systems nearby; my flagship the [AXI] Eclipse is stationed in Pleiades Sector BL-X c1-7 offering all services at no cost; if you are reading this log do head there and tend to your equipment.

Salvation's Proteus Wave weapon has been activated in the system HIP 22460, however due to an unexpected event, severe destruction has been wrought on human ships within the system and Thargoid vessels have been seen in great numbers.

So far this is what has transpired after the brief deployment of the Proteus Wave:

  • All thargoid vessels were inoperable for a brief period; a surge built up from the surface site in planet 10 b; rebooting and bringing up to life all the enemy ships.
  • All human ships were affected by an EMP-like pulse and their guardian equipment was all fried, this includes guardian powerplants, module reinforcements, and SLFs. The Old AX weaponry is working as expected.
  • We have received reports that the Guardian Relics can be affected after being plugged into any thargoid terminal; making them now a renewed Unclassified Relic, this "infection" makes them look on a green hue.
  • When transporting said Unclassified Relics on systems like Arque and Meene; either Ishmael Palin or Ram Tah will ask you to give the tech to them. It is advised to bring at least one Unclassified relic and sell them to the market on each engineer base.
  • Thargoids in the Pleiades, Coalsack and Witch Head Nebulae are behaving according to within the known parameters. Whilst on foot in HIP 22460 thargoid ships might engage at you.

We have also recieved reports from other CMDRs who were in the system at the time of the weapons activation.

Excerpt of log 155067-k Xarionn

Begin Transcription:

Date : 08/08/3308
Location : HIP 22460 | Orbiting planet 10b
Name : Commander Xarionn

So this is it, after years of fighting the Thargoids, millions of lives lost and countless sacrifices, we are finally inches away from reaching our goal of driving them off once and for all.

Over the past month we’ve been defending Azimuth and their Proteus Wave project, together, the Federation, the Empire and the Alliance for the first time put their differences aside to work hands in hands in order to make this a reality and potentially save billions of lives, this project is Humanity’s greatest hope and yet... Yet some people still can’t see it...

They named it « Operation Wych Hunt », their goal was to prevent Salvation and by extension Azimuth, from building the Proteus Wave, fortunately, they failed to do so but caused numerous delays... Which probably caused the death of many brave soldiers who died protecting a dream, our dream...

Anyway, what matters now is the future deployment of the Proteus wave, thanks to everyone, the Bright Sentinel is still in one piece and fully operational, the end is near, I can feel it !

I’ve be tasked to escort the Bright Sentinel until the deployment of the Proteus wave is complete, the megaship looks safe but we can’t be too prudent. I’ll update this journal tomorrow, after Salvation brings us victory.

Commander Xarionn out.

End Transciption

Excerpt of log 366497-o Xarionn

Begin Transcription:

Date : 09/08/3308

Location : HIP 22460 | Orbiting planet 10b

Name : Commander Xarionn

Wh-... What happened ? I- My ship went dark, all systems are unresponsive just... just like...

This isn’t right, they... The Bright Sentinel was... was destroyed... I... IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE END DAMMIT!

... If you hear this message, I don’t know if I’ll still be alive or.. not but you have to know that we... we failed, we failed everyone. The Proteus wave first worked as expected, all Thargoids were either killed or disabled, there was... People screaming « victory » all over our comm channels but barely a minute after an.. Another pulse came from the Proteus site.

I thought it was expected but... But everything went dark, like... Like the weapon turned against us, I survived through sheer luck.. I-.. I shouldn’t be alive.. I watched them die, I swore to protect them... I am... I AM SUPPOSED TO BE A VETERAN so... why !?

I am checking the integrity of my modules as I speak, it looks like all my weapons are damaged, beyond repair... How is that possible ? All the Guardian modules I have on board are unusable.. ?

Alright... I first need to get out of here, my frame shit drive seems to be functional, thrusters are online as well and I still have enough fuel... I’ll make it, staying here will only lead to my demise.

To anyone reading this message, leave this system immediately, the project was a total failure, this green light on the surface of planet 10b could emit another disruptive pulse at any moment.. DO NOT stay in this system !

[Frame shift anomaly detected]

What the... Since when did we become the hunted?

End Transciption

Excerpt of log 368567-o Integra

Codename: Bishop
Date: 09/08/3308 17:30 UTC
Location: somewhere in Asterope

lights up a cigar
Another bug hunt....these things never learn....

What is it now looks at the caustic cloud 2..4..6 yes 6 dead bugs at my feet, thats what you get for knocking on my front door.

Whats with this static anyway, stupid comms acting up again calibrating
There it is.

Comms:"So… This is it, after years of fighting the Thargoids, millions of lives lost and countless sacrifices, we are finally inches away from reaching our goal of driving them off once and for all…"

Damn right we are.
takes a puff

Comms:"The Proteus Wave has been
successfully deployed, no life signs.."

The only good bug is a dead bug.

Comms: Wait…I'm picking up an energy surge near…
No, from the Proteus Wave's site.

Comms: The Thargoids, they're alive!
Controls are non-responsive.
All systems offline.

drops the cigar
Salvation, you bastard, what have you done...

switching to carrier comms
This is commander Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, schedule an immediate jump to HIP 22460!
I have a score to settle.

Excerpt of log 368455-o Vader


Codename: Blackout
Date: 09/08/3308 07:00 UTC
Location: Pleiades Sector BL-X c1-7

This is CMDR Darth_Vader; AXI Overseer to all vessels in the vicinity... our on board sensors picked a surge signal from HIP 22460 but i fear the worse...; whilst my personal opinion on Dr. Wycherly differs from some of my colleagues, I hoped his weapon at least bought us more time on this war.

I've lost contact with the megaships and imperial fleet deployed in the system. Any hail to our pilots stationed on either of the ships is accompanied by silence and static... my gut tells me something went south... Not again... its like that infamous day aboard the Gnosis...

I gotta make contact with the newsfeed... somehow all i'm getting is more static... I will drop a new entry as soon I figure out what happened next door

CMDR Darth_Vader; signing out

Codename: Desolace
Date: 09/08/3308 8:00 UTC
Location: Pleiades Sector BL-X c1-7

Forget about what I say regarding the Gnosis; this is worse! Ugh! Dr. Wycherly! How come this person was unable to see through the veil of what the bugs might be capable to do! All for your proud and arrogance... Now our equipment gets rendered inoperable when we drop in the system... Looks like is time to dust off the old tech... But first! Its wise to deploy a distress beacon so all our members and allies look for a safe haven to rendezvous and prepare our next move.

My science ship is picking up a familiar tag [AXI] Primac..., dropping in for evaluation

CMDR Darth_Vader; out!
End of transmission

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