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Introducing Club 10

May 3308

Now that we have built a good portfolio of "challenge ranks," testing a variety of advanced AX skills, we wanted to further recognize CMDRs who achieve them all.

Much like @Collector is achieved by "Collecting" most progression ranks (including getting Herculean Warrior together with another @Collector), we are now formalizing the "Club10" informal designation by launching a special @Decent Pilot designation; @Decent Pilot is a meta-rank that will be automatically granted to CMDRs who have been been awarded all ten challenge ranks. It has no color, by design, but it allows to display a medal next to your name. This idea builds on the long-running informal list of Club7/8/etc (which grew as we added challenges to our ranks.)

Furthermore, given the exceptional nature of such accomplishment, CMDRs earning @Decent Pilot will be individually recognized in our #hall-of-fame channel.

Contextually, and in consideration of the fact that we have not held a Ceres Trial in a while, we will be retiring the @Ceres Medal rank, and the formerly-known-as Ceres Medal will now be assigned to our ... Decent Pilots!

Glory, To Mankind!

Thargoids Return

Oct 3307

The Thargoids have returned in great force pushing large incursions into multiple human-occupied systems. Commanders abroad have been requested to aid with the defence, rescue and logistical efforts.

response to this latest push in Thargoid activity, the Anti-Xeno Initiative has commissioned a new tracking and monitoring system to allow commanders to keep up-to-date with the latest movements and presence statuses of incursion systems.

This new system can be found at www.Thargoid.watch

Glory, to Mankind!

Frontier Livestream with the AXI

16 Sept 3307

CMDR Mechan and CMDR Toyotanos will be on an Odyssey Frontier twitch live stream tomorrow (Thursday) at 18:00 UTC (7pm BST, 2pm US EST, ...) with FDEV Community Managers Bruce and Zac. We will discuss Anti Xeno combat and see if, among other things, we can get Bruce his first (wing) rank (Zac already has it)

Agenda is fluid but we expect to spend some time talking about AX before jumping into combat ... for all multi-goid fans we'll also be bringing meta-alloys to see if we can get an interceptor to invite a friend to the party.

Also, we will do our best to NOT follow in the footprints of our glorious founder, and die on stream to a clops, but there are no guarantees...

Join us tomorrow on Twitch to listen in, participate, and have some AX fun!

Defence Priorities

The following systems are under Thargoid Incursion and have been labelled as a High Priority by the Anti-Xeno Initiative.

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The Anti-Xeno Initiative

The Anti-Xeno Initiative is an Elite:Dangerous player-group dedicated to protecting humanity from the Thargoid threat. We defend systems targeted by the vile xenos, study their technology and behavior, and perfect our battle tactics. Whether you seek to save the galaxy, kill some aliens, conduct research, or hone your skills, you will find help here.

"Glory, to Mankind"

Motto of the Anti-Xeno Initiative

The Anti-Xeno Initiative was founded by CMDR Gluttony Fang on 15th of November 3303. We are the largest dedicated AX (Anti-Xeno) player group in Elite:Dangerous and act as a hub for the broader AX Community. We are partnered with Canonn Research, who provide us with the latest findings related to our mission. We also coordinate defense efforts with other player groups to protect as many lives as we can. We constantly strive to get better at what we do and we have some of the best Anti-Xeno experts among us.

The membership in AXI is non-binding, meaning you can also be a part of any other player group you wish. We have people of all walks of life and all matter of allegiance. We ourselves are a completely independent and apolitical - we do not support or oppose any faction, power or group, unless they force our hand. That said, we protect our members. We have a sizable contingent of PvP pilots to repel any attempts at disrupting our primary mission.