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Anti-Xeno Initiative Frontline Debrief

June 26th 3309

Third weekly issue of the Frontline Debrief, a summary of the newest and most important news from the Thargoid War.

This week, we welcome CMDR Xarionn to the production team, and have a special segment on the new AXI Leadership.

Anti-Xeno Initiative Frontline Debrief

June 3rd 3309

Second weekly issue of the Frontline Debrief, a summary of the newest and most important news from the Thargoid War.

This week's issue contains a deep dive into the Thargoid Glaive Hunter, as well as regular galactic news updates.

Anti-Xeno Initiative Frontline Debrief

May 29th 3309

Hot off the presses of Ceres Tarn, CMDR Airom42 brings you the first issue of AXI's Frontline Debrief.

This weekly publication aims to bring you a summary of the newest and most important news from the Thargoid War each week.

This week, we will be covering the new Pulse Wave Xeno Scanner, as well as more information on the Thargoid Titans.

Special thanks to CMDR Mechan for his informative video on the capabilities of the new scanner module.

Anti-Xeno Academy

January 3309

The Anti-Xeno Initiative is excited to announce its latest project, the Anti-Xeno Academy.

The Anti-Xeno Academy is a new video created by a team of skilled and experienced AX pilots, intended to be the ultimate guide in teaching you how to fight Thargoid Interceptors. This video guide covers all important aspects of approaching AX combat for a new CMDR.

We hope you will enjoy this video and find it useful to share with your friends and copilots. Glory, to Mankind!

This project has been a very large undertaking, we would like to thank the team behind it for their extensive efforts in bringing this together:

  • CMDR Toyotanos
  • CMDR Xarionn
  • CMDR Orlandu
  • CMDR Aranionros Stormrage
  • CMDR Orodruin
  • CMDR Shwinky
  • CMDR Mechan
  • CMDR Lawson FPV
  • CMDR EuanAB
  • CMDR Mgram
  • CMDR Hannibal07
  • CMDR Jurloo
  • CMDR Mephisto9466

And a special thanks to all the AXI pilots who have helped develop our doctrine and resources over the years.

Thargoids Overrun Multiple Systems (Galnet News)

December 3308

*Pilots’ Federation ALERT*
Nine systems have called for help against massive Thargoid attacks intent on wiping out civilian populations.

Ernesto Rios, field correspondent for Vox Galactica, reported:

“The arrival of what military scientists have labelled the ‘Taranis Maelstrom’ has brought terror and carnage to millions. As soon as the rogue signal source arrived, local inhabited systems became flooded with enormous numbers of Thargoid vessels. Six populated systems close to Hyades Sector FB-N b7-6 were rapidly overwhelmed, while another nine systems in the region are currently facing full-scale invasions.”

“I’ve travelled between several of these systems, and seen for myself the horrific loss of life. Starports are ablaze and covered with corrosive enzymes. Planetary infrastructure is crumbling under the Thargoids’ tremendous firepower. Passing ships are being wrenched out of hyperspace. These attacks seem more merciless than ever before, as if the aliens are determined to eliminate every human population structure they detect.”

“Rescue megaships have been established at a safe distance from the invasion’s current front line, facilitating mass evacuation of civilians. These vessels will also stock anti-xeno weaponry for independent pilots seeking to assist the defence efforts or protect themselves while transporting refugees.”

“Both President Hudson and Prime Minister Mahon have declared a major emergency, ordering Federal and Allied capital ships to engage the Thargoids. Senator Patreus has dispatched an Imperial Navy force to the Modigi system to defend its territory from Thargoid attack.”

“The Taranis Maelstrom itself is the target of intense study, although patrolling Thargoids in the Hyades Sector FB-N b7-6 system make scientific analysis hazardous. Professor Palin and Ram Tah have both warned that this enormous entity appears to have a protective ‘cloud’ of unknown composition, which is proving dangerous to ships that approach it.”

“With the other seven rogue signal sources racing toward the core systems, militaries and security forces are preparing for the worst. Will the other seven rogue signal sources bring similar terror? And is humanity capable of withstanding an onslaught of this magnitude?”

Defence Priorities

The following systems are under Thargoid Incursion and have been labelled as a High Priority by the Anti-Xeno Initiative.

The Anti-Xeno Initiative

The Anti-Xeno Initiative is an Elite:Dangerous player-group dedicated to protecting humanity from the Thargoid threat. We defend systems targeted by the vile xenos, study their technology and behavior, and perfect our battle tactics. Whether you seek to save the galaxy, kill some aliens, conduct research, or hone your skills, you will find help here.

"Glory, to Mankind"

Motto of the Anti-Xeno Initiative

The Anti-Xeno Initiative was founded by CMDR Gluttony Fang on 15th of November 3303. We are the largest dedicated AX (Anti-Xeno) player group in Elite:Dangerous and act as a hub for the broader AX Community. We are partnered with Canonn Research, who provide us with the latest findings related to our mission. We also coordinate defense efforts with other player groups to protect as many lives as we can. We constantly strive to get better at what we do and we have some of the best Anti-Xeno experts among us.

The membership in AXI is non-binding, meaning you can also be a part of any other player group you wish. We have people of all walks of life and all matter of allegiance. We ourselves are a completely independent and apolitical - we do not support or oppose any faction, power or group, unless they force our hand. That said, we protect our members. We have a sizable contingent of PvP pilots to repel any attempts at disrupting our primary mission.